Humanitarian operations are complex. We’re here to help you handle it all.

Strategic planning means planning in a way that maximizes outcomes. It is the ongoing management of all necessities an organisation needs to meet its goals and objectives.

Innovative Aid Strategy & Consulting ensures that all of its clients have a strategic plan that outlines organisations’ vision and how it aims to achieve that vision.

IAS.C supports your organisation in developing a process for thinking and planning strategically in order to achieve its vision and mission while delivering innovative aid programme. In so doing we:

  •  Identify strategic actions and outcomes to be achieved (strategic planning)
  •  Use strategic thinking, knowledge and evidence-based decision-making to identify the right choices (strategic thinking)
  •  Align programmes and technology to strategy
  • Identify technology opportunities to support strategic goals
  •  Support Humanitarian organisation to convert Humanitarian challenges into sustainable opportunities
  • Help facilitate smooth transition from relief to development
  • Help resourcing innovation and creating a culture for innovation within the organisation
  • Help humanitarian organisation to build the proper foundation to complement long-term development objectives
  • Ensure processes are flexible and responsive so informed adjustments can be made as reality and circumstances change.

Trust is the foundation of great service

Trust & Confidentiality

We are a full service consulting firm specialising in humanitarian and development aid. Everyone on our team has the professional qualifications and experience required to give you the very best service and advice in all areas of aid actions.

Experience & Accuracy

Our high-performing, multidisciplinary team with over 25 years of experiences in humanitarian affairs from Africa, Asia and the Middle East works with a wide range of humanitarian and development organisations of all sizes at the field and headquarters levels. We help them meet affected populations needs and stakeholders’ requirements.

Choose us for quality consultancy services

Our services are context specific and tailored to the unique needs of each client. We work as part of your team, understanding your needs and what matters to you.

Expertise & Professionalism

Our team of professionals has been working to provide innovative aid solutions for organisations and individuals needs. All of our services are tailored and adapted to meet the diverse phases of your aid actions.

Why organisations choose us


Hire a professional with extensive experience and take the stress out of your humanitarian and development actions.

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Quality, transparency and accountability for all parties involved in the evaluations process

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Strategic partnership approach to leverage your humanitarian and development actions.

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